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Austin, Texas band Tinnarose is a group that doesn’t like to be pigeon-holed. If you listen to their debut self-titled album, you’ll hear everything from straight-ahead indie rock (“When You’re Gone”) to Paul Simon’s Graceland-inspired world beat (“She Is My Maker”) to Steely Dan-esque jazz-rock fusion (“Monster”) to Fairport Convention-esque folk rock (“Willie O’Winsbury”). That this manages to hold somewhat together is a feat of its own. Skipping through genres, and not establishing a signature sound, may be considered a weakness, but Tinnarose manage to find a strength by doing so. Each of these songs is uniquely Tinnarose, and, as a whole, the album offers enough twists and turns to give a great deal of variety to the listeners. Tinnarose is a pleasurable experience, but no more so than when female vocalist Devon McDermott takes the spotlight. Her take on the no-choruses “Willie O’Winsbury” is a strong candidate for song of the year, the sort of thing that may make the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention. Her vaguely Irish lilt calls to mind Linda Thompson, and, if you were to strip away the song’s instrumentation (which is fantastic, by the way), it could stand on its own. It’s simply breathtaking, and it’s clear that we have a new talent worthy of laurels on our hands here.

Listen to their soundcloud here!

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