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Ramen Night Pop Up Dinner (Hosted by Former Head Chef Chris Morris & Current Bar Manager Matt DiStefano)

Hosted by Chris Morris (back at Nola for this one) & Matt DiStefano.

Come on in for a bowl of noodles and bao. $20 will get you 2 bao, one with shiitake and one with pork belly and a bowl of home made tonkotsu style ramen. That's their work in the picture above. Everything is made from scratch (except the noodles, they ain't that crazy). The broth is made from pork, duck, chicken bones and bacon dashi with pickled shiitake, pork shoulder, pickled ramps and garlic, a nice runny egg, scallions and a kale chip on top. You can add pork belly to the soup or an extra egg for a few dollars more. We'll have a vegetarian option as well.

Chris Morris and Matt DiStefano will be in the kitchen, hope to see you sitting down to a bowl. THIS EVENT WILL SELL OUT. GET HERE EARLY TO BE SURE YOU DO NOT MISS OUT. (Below: Vegetarian Version)