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Technicians (Post-Alternative)

Technicians Loud Blend of Punk, Indie Rock and Metal Sounds from Washington, DC!

"Heavy and unrelenting." "Strong vocal work." "[An] intriguing sound that sort of crossed the Feelies with the Melvins"
— David Hintz , DC Rock Live

"Technicians [are] a guiding light in the rough waters of D.C.’s current indie scene."
— Kenny Newberry, Diamondback Online

""Technicians were a tight unit. They played a hard-charging set, encompassing a smorgasbord of styles – punk, grunge, metal, and arty-instrumentals, to name a few. The stylistic variety was refreshing"
— Gregory Ayers, DC Music Download

"[Technicians'] four members add up to a fast, furious wall of sound that comes on loud and hard... the size of those sounds promise big things for these hard-rockers, standing out in a crowd of bands who wish they sounded more like Technicians."
—Asher Meerovich, 9:30 Club Blog

Influences: Deftones, Faith No More, Tool, Minus the Bear, Radiohead, Muse, Glassjaw, The Cure, Mogwai, Rage Against the Machine

Doors 9:30 | Music 10. 21 and up.