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The Bumperyachts (pianist/guitarist/bassist)

Grant Goldsworthy and Steve Mondschein of the Bumperyachts, first started playing and writing music together in 2000.  Their first band, Gravelfish (which featured Goldsworthy on bass and lead vocals, and Mondschein on guitar), as well as a short lived ska cover band, came and went as the two went off to their respective colleges. For years, without a band, the two would return to write and record music that, for the most part, would never leave the basement.  The two would practice recording their own songs, overdubbing all of the instruments and adding layers of vocal harmonies to create the sound of the full band they imagined. In 2012, on a whim, Goldsworthy bought a ukulele and started teaching himself to play.  This became a catalyst for the two to start playing live shows again and writing new material, this time as an acoustic duo, under the name "The Bumperyachts."  The two are hard at work on their debut album, which will be released in early 2015. The pair brought in pianist, Krystal Grant, guitarist/bassist Alex Hilliard, and bassist Robbie Kirk, to complete the live sound.  For more information on The Bumperyachts, check out their Facebook page at, or you can email them directly at   

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