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Urban Pioneers (primitive, roosty, Appalachian-style music)

Urban Pioneers play primitive, rootsy, Appalachian-style music showcasing a lot of heart, all original songs, and surprising skill in songwriting from two players who are mostly known as sidemen.

Jared and Liz of the Urban Pioneers have indisputably paid their dues as part of Bob Wayne's Outlaw Carnies and Jayke Orvis' Broken Band. Now, finally--and perhaps a little overdue--they're taking center stage with the newly formed Urban Pioneers. Anyone who's witnessed their performances with the aforementioned outfits knows that you're unlikely to encounter better players. And anyone who's met them, knows you're just as unlikely to encounter nicer folks. That's all well and good, but it doesn't guarantee that they can get behind the reigns and drive the team themselves. Some musicians shine brightest as side people--and there's no shame in that. Then again, some talent should never stay obscured in the shadows. Before Addicted to the Road's lead track, "Apparition in the Fog," is a quarter-way through it's evident that there's something special about the Urban Pioneers.

Liz Sloan was born in Abilene, TX and grew up in a small west Texas town called Breckenridge. When she was three years old her mother entered her into violin training. Her first violin was a Cracker Jack Box with a ruler taped to it. She was home schooled for most of her childhood so she could focus on playing violin. She eventually got fed up with the classical world and looked for a change in the world of country and bluegrass. She joined began touring with Bob Wayne and the Outlaw Carnies in 2009 where she met Jared.

Jared was born in Pensacola and grew up in Chattanooga, TN. He grew up playing in local punk bands that never made it out of the basement. He joined the Navy in 2001 and after his time in the Navy he wanted to play music again so he bought an upright bass and taught himself how to play. He played in a lot of New England rockabilly and psychobilly bands as well as partially fronting his own band, Soul Reapin' 3. In 2009 he decided to 'make a go at the music thing' and left everything behind to tour with the Hillbilly Hellcats in Europe for a month. The day he came back he got a phone call from Bob Wayne saying that he needed a bass player. That evening Jared hit the road from Connecticut and met the Carnies in Austin, TX.

Liz and Jared hit it off immediately and since then have toured and recorded with countless bands in the roots community. The Urban Pioneers are Liz and Jared's new project where they set out to conquer the blacktop sea playing their brand of old timey music.