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The Moon & You (Genre: indie folk/cello/guitar/vocal harmonies)

The Moon and You is rooted in the rich music scene of Asheville, NC. Songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Ryan Furstenberg, Melissa Hyman and Dulci Ellenberger have played music together for fun and profit in several configurations, and for many years. This collaboration of close friends is clearly rooted in a profound mutual respect.

Most often The Moon and You can be seen as a trio, playing cello, guitar, banjo and drums, and boasting three lead singers. With each member adding his/her own style and influences to the pot, the band simmers as a well-crafted and extremely tasty musical stew. In The Moon and You, an impossibly sassy cellist from New York, a whimsical fingerstyle guitarist from Eastern NC and a hilarious and highly trained singer from Western PA have come together to create a musical whole much greater than the sum of its parts.

The Moon and You, whether in duo or trio form, tours almost nonstop throughout the Southeastern US - making frequent stops in NYC and DC as well. They are quickly building a loyal fan base the old-fashioned way. Each The Moon and You concert showcases thoughtful and unusual string arrangements, thought-provoking songwriting, and gorgeous vocal harmonies. It also makes folks laugh, cry and miss their boyfriend in Japan (all claims based on actual audience feedback). The Moon and You keeps fans coming back with passionate and skillful instrumentalism, fun and unexpected arrangements, and voices that blend like they were made for one another.

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