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Joseph & The Beasts ("pop music with complex design and operatic ambition..." -- Baltimore City Paper)

The brightest stars are the ones bathed in the light of their neighboring suns. Springing from the edge of the eclectic Baltimore music scene and the mind of multi-instrumentalist Joseph Mulhollen, JOSEPH & THE BEASTS traffics in counter-rhythms that build from muted whispers to fevered crescendos, with each movement punctuating the group’s layered soundscapes.

JOSEPH & THE BEASTS builds on Mulhollen’s solo work, which includes 2012’s dense and dynamic “Problematical Animals”, bringing to bear the full weight of the talent that surrounds the Buffalo-native-turned-Baltimorean in his current home. Joined by Alex Champagne, Patrick Edwards and Greg Woodward, the group has toured for over two years in support of the record. It was during this time that the songs began to take on a more collaborative tone, leading to a name change and renewed focus as a band.

The new songs are evocative and alluring in a way that expands upon each listen. A range of instruments highlights each of the group's multi-talented members with frenetic pace. Acoustic and electric guitars build harmonies over pulsating bass and drums, synths, samplers and effected vocals.

Mulhollen’s own passion is transformative and infecting – a trait that’s readily evident and shared by every member. Shifts in time give way to sprawling valleys of fuzz-drenched keyboards, before soaring vocals erupt into a fervor-filled maelstrom. Each new musical texture tells its own story and carries with it a clear sensation – a perfect construction of acoustic monuments over an electronic landscape.

Doors 9:30 | Music 10. 21 and up.