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Feeble Contenders (Indie Rock from College Station, TX)

The Feeble Contenders, a five piece rock band from Central Texas, are no strangers to the Alternative Rock Scene. Initially a solo act of frontman’s Joshua Sisco, the band came into their own with the addition of Alex Knoll and Marco Pisterzi in late 2011, with Nic Shields and Michael Martin following soon after. The band has spent the last four years not only earning a name for themselves locally, but has also funded tours and played along side big acts such as; Norma Jean, Listener, Before There Was Rosyln, Quiet Company, Octopus Project, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster, and He Is Legend. They released their first EP in 2013 entitled “Circles”, an album brooding with songs about family, substance abuse, and losing faith. The band is currently writing their first full length album “Frightening Youth” set to release in Fall 2015, and planning their first full US summer tour.

"If you’re lucky enough to catch these guys on stage, you will immediately notice an energy and passion that is rare and captivating."

-Collin Brewer Music

"The group’s music is thoughtful, spiritual and intoxicating, combining faith-based lyrics with hard-edged instrumentals."


Doors 9:30 | Music 10. 21 and up.