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RHIN (Genre: Aural Assault from Shepherdstown, WV)

Introducing... Heavy music at Cafe Nola!  This may become a monthly thing so come show some support if you'd like it to continue!

Aural assault from Shepherdstown, WV featuring members of The Demon Beat, Black Blizzard, Bishops, and nonhealer. "Rhin is a band that I believe have the same potential as the Melvins, especially in terms of longevity and the ability to keep a fresh perspective so as not to grow complacent and stale...they definitely know their rock and punk, all I hear is flawless execution of both not only in tonality but also delivery." - The Doom Review

Listen to their albums on Bandcamp HERE.

Heaviness from Oakland, MD

Both bands are on Grimoire Records, check em out!