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DJ Gen & Hill (Genre: experimental house, pitch bend, 90s mash up )

Genre : experimental house, pitch bend, 90’s mash up 


For a while now, DJ GEN & HILL have been the rising stars of the underground scene in Frederick and Baltimore. Now, breaking into the mainstream, they are ready to take life by the air horns and speed up that one Britney Spears song you like so much. DJ GEN & HILL are an experimental DJ duo. Mixing original tracks with sped up sampled 90’s pop songs, pitch bending vocals, thumping bass and layer after layer of unusual melodies, they create a unique sound all their own. They have been recognized by many big names in the industry, Mr. Simon Cowell once said, “get off my stage you pathetic piece of human filth.” 

What you can expect from a typical GEN & HILL show - wearing costumes and wigs behind the DJ booth, they get the party started and the show will get interesting. Get ready to forget everything you know about your reality as you enter theirs. 

Doors 9:30 | Music at 10. 21 and up.