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Open Screen Night with Doug Powell

Our movie version of an open mic night continues every Second Sunday of the month at Cafe Nola in Frederick Maryland.

Filmmakers can screen completed works, works in progress, short films, music videos, or excerpts/trailers from features...pretty much anything non-commercial.*

Don't currently have anything to show? Come out anyway to mingle with others and hopefully get inspired to make something! That's the point of this all, connecting and creating.

Hosted by Doug Powell
Presented by 72 Film Fest, Archai Media and Area 31

FILMMAKERS: To secure your spot, hit us up here or at

FILM FANS: Help us continue to build the film community in Frederick, Maryland. Come out and/or spread the world by sharing this event!

*Rules: 15 Minutes or Less, No Nudity (sorry - it's a venue rule), and someone from production must be present to introduce and participate in Q/A after film