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The Lost Keys (Maryland Rock, R&B, and Soul)

Maryland based group, Lost Keys, play a mixture of Rock, R&B, and Soul with a unique and earthy vibe. Being a (mostly) acoustic three piece, the band keeps their setup simple and true, letting the music speak for itself. Lost Keys don't just provide top quality entertainment, but bring along a whole atmosphere when they perform.

Their mentality as a band: "There are certain things in life that many convince themselves are unattainable.  Impossible as these things may seem, we still try our hardest to seek them out.  These things (love, success, fulfillment) are much like a set of lost keys that you can't seem to find.  The harder you look, the more elusive they seem to become.  Only when you stop searching and let things happen naturally will they manifest themselves to you."

#SundayFunday show. 7-10 pm