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Faith In Jane (A Groove-Laden Blend of Stoner/Doom Metal)

The Faith in Jane sound. A groove-laden blend of stoner/doom metal played with power and technical skill. An individual sound with instrumental prowess.

"The riffs cut like a wizards sword, the atmosphere brims with psychedelic sorcery, and it's all wrapped up with a smoked out back-alley doom and vroom vibe. I don't know much about the so called reggae fusion metal days but this is more of a fusion of tripped out bombastic doom and heady classic rock and roll!"

"The reggae influences of past albums has taken a backseat this time around and been replaced by a more psych orientated groove where the riffs and incendiary guitar leads are king!"

"Faith In Jane had me at the first track ‘Back To Earth’. In this album they’ve left their Reggae-Metal fusion roots and have taken on a more psychedelic story telling vibe. They even provide four songs that go for 10 minutes plus & these epic sonic expeditions are brilliant in both concept & implementation. Some tracks are Even Led Zeppelinish in execution. But as always, they’ve projected a massive but ethereal soundscape and give the listener a journey worth taking. Favorite track: Stormbringer."

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Doors 9:30 | Music 10 pm.  21 and up. With Cheshi and Bird Watcher's Club.