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3rd Grade Friends (Mathrock meets Chaotic Punk + Throwback Prog solos)

3rd Grade Friends is a power duo appropriately composed of third grade friends, Rob and Joe. Rob’s polyrhythmic drums sync perfectly with Joe’s hypnotic guitar work proving both are masters of their instruments. Their music is a juxtaposition of structured mathrock and chaotic punk, combined with long spacey throw back prog solos. And none of this will make sense, but when you see the chemistry of these old friends and combine it with the elementary school themed song names, you’ll laugh and cry as you remember recess with your old friends. Maybe you’ll call those old playground pals, meet up and discuss the old days, rekindling a friendship you both once forgot. And then you can look back and say “it was all thanks to 3rd Grade Friends”. - Eric Disque, Spiritual Advisor

Third Grade Friends are Joe Martin (doorman at the Metropolitan, Northernmost) and Robin Eckman (Pompeii Graffiti, Softeyes, Elder Statesmen, soihadto, hONe) who met in third grade in the 80s on the playground. In the late 90s they met up again and formed an improv/experimental band, Herd of Wookies which frequently played Annapolis and Baltimore. Now the 10s they reunite again to shoot music from the hip and blow the smoke from the instruments.

Remember what your doodles on the side of your notes in school looked like? Well that's how they sound.

Doors 9:30 | Music 10 pm. 21 and up. With Community Center.