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Tomato Dodgers! with Apollo's Din!

Tomato Dodgers are an action-funk rock and roll band from College Park, Maryland, right outside the nation's capitol. They've steadily built up a fascinated following across the east coast, with dynamic and strange participatory performances that blur the line between stage show and immersive art piece. They dance - they feed each other toast - they rap - they build doomsday devices onstage - and mostly they shred festivals and house shows like you or I might mow a lawn: with vigor and fierce skill.

Some bands come to make people sway gently in place. Tomato Dodgers come to impart a musical covenant as twisted and funky as the great black hole at the center of our solar system.

Tomato Dodgers have shared the stage with Martin O'Malley (really), Harry And The Potters, The Godz, Chain And The Gang, LIONIZE, You Bred Raptors?, Hop Along, Pinegrove, The Delta Saints, and more.

They will not rest until they perform on the moon.

Apollo's Din was created in early 2012 by frontman Alex Kushon. After recording and arranging music on his own for the beginning half of the year, Alex recruited his twin brother Jeremy to play drums. What was forged between them was a spontaneous and FRESH combustion of RAUNCH. What we think music should be!

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