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Pocket Bells/ Austin & Olivia/ Elissa Janelle Velveteen and Scott Siskind

Pocket Bells is an indie rock band from Baltimore, MD. The band draws on rock, pop, and classical influences to define their sound and energy. Raging drums and bass fill out the bottom while delicate guitar and keyboard arrangements dance across the top. With a dynamic live set, this band is not to miss!

Austin and Olivia:
Austin and Olivia are a Folk duet from Frederick, MD. Olivia Solomon, a Blues & Jazz singer who has spent the last two and a half years in Santa Fe, NM, cultivating a unique sound and style, has just recently moved back to Frederick, MD, to partner up with local singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Austin Nuckols. Together they’ve created a bare-as-bone, traditional country music sound with haunting harmonies that are bound to shake and move you to your core. While they have just started down the path of their new musical endeavor, these two are bound for the promised land, guitar and microphone in hand.

Elissa Janelle Velveteen:
Philadelphia singer-songwriter Elissa brings a unique blend of heartfelt honest acoustic songs and tongue and cheek lyrics. She is constantly playing shows are the greater Philadelphia and abroad, both as a solo act and with her band Molly Rhythm.

Scott Siskind:
Scott is the singer of Baltimore based band Vinny Vegas.