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Giving up//nowns//the fun boys

Giving Up

sounds like a demolition derby crashed by a stolen school bus, a giddy smash of screw-eyed indie-pop and junk punk. Based out of Garner, Iowa, with members now spread out across the Midwest, Giving Up has been at this mix for over a decade now. Where its previous records touted lo-fi production and a wild abandon towards songwriting, Garner Cardinals gives the formula a bit of spit-polish, not only injecting some studio dynamics but also focusing the manic-pop into tuneful blast


Dude, holy shit... they found it! I can’t believe it but they actually found it. You know those kids up the street? The ones that are always skating their kicker and smoking cigs out in front of their mom’s house? The ones that have been trying to rebuild the same dirt bike since junior high? You know, the ones who sold me that fake hash that was really just melted incense? Well, they did it. Those weird, sketchy little fuckers found it. They found that one summer day when all of our friends were together, and we were all happy, and we were all high. And we were all in the back of a dead pick-up truck, and we were cussing and we were yelling and we were having ourselves a good old-fashioned goof-off. And we were crazy in love with each other and with ourselves. And we were very much aware that one day we would all be dead and gone, and that was somehow the most beautiful part of this whole fucking “life” kick. What I’m trying to tell you is these kids found our greatest day. They found it, and they caught it for us. And now we can go back there whenever we want. And I guess, in that way, our summers and our lovers and our lives will never fully die off. And we can all be together again. And we can all be happy again. And we can all live forever. All we need is a tape player.

The Fun Boys

The Fun Boys are a Maryland based band and prefer to be called "The Fun Boys". One time on the way to summer camp a lady bug slipped into my slipper, what a friend! It's okay though, I got no bugs on me.  I went to Aunt JJ's last night to eat some ho-hos and got a hella-belly ache.  This band is cool I guess.  It hurts to play instruments, but it's okay!  I got no bugs on me (not)! I know the guy who owns this bar too.  Cool guy!  Lots-o-tats!  I can't wait to get tattoos too, dude.  Me and Sam and Colin and Matt and Andrew and Haas, we got lifer tattoos. Mine says "DOES MY FACE LO" and his says "OK LIKE A DRAGON".  Too fun! #toofun  The Fun Boys are from Frederick, MD.  They consist of 4 members at the same skill level.  You gotta see it.  It's a nightmare. 

Later Event: June 15
The Knotty G's